Origin – Croatian cosmetics is a selection of organic and natural cosmetics handmade in Croatia.

In order to preserve the origin of our products we are guided by four important criteria:

1. 100% NATURAL / ORGANIC – we are advocates of the saying: “Don’t put anything on your skin you would not eat.”

Bear in mind that the skin is the largest human organ, and that everything we apply on our skin enters our bloodstream in a matter of minutes.

Following that fact, we have decided to offer only products that are 100% natural and organic. The products that contain water also contain preservatives that couldn’t be avoided but are, nevertheless – all natural.

2. HANDMADE – In their very essence, the products we offer are imprinted with joyful thoughts, energy, effort and love.
Our mission is to connect top-notch quality seekers with extraordinary providers, and our privilege is being a part of this
world of beauty and health.

3. MADE IN CROATIA – Croatia. A land with beautiful nature, pure air and unpolluted sea.

A place where the highest quality natural ingredients for organic cosmetic can be found. From olive and essential oils to beeswax and other organic ingredients used in our products, our dedication was to find the best manufacturers of organic cosmetics that Croatia has and reveal their products to the world.

Our aim is to tell a story about natural beauties and benefits of Croatia through our cosmetics, as well as to encourage small business entrepreneurs to continue with their work regardless of the difficulties and challenges they face.

4. GUT FEELING – The scent, texture, ingredients, packaging, purpose, manufacturer…

The qualities that give the overall impression of the product have to give us a positive feeling.

We can guarantee that all of the four criteria are met in every product we make.

To us, there is nothing more important than retaining the confidence we have gained and allowing our customers to find what they want without any doubt in the quality and origin of our products or their ingredients.